City Gems Photography

Jeff Erdmann 

For the better part of two decades, Jeff Erdmann worked on movie sets and television studios in Hollywood, California, where he gained keen insight and intimate knowledge of lighting techniques from some of the industry's best cinematographers.

When he is not photographing real estate, Jeff can be found remodeling houses or performing music somewhere in St. Louis.

Mission Statement

Photos should look natural, not artificially enhanced. Ideal, but real. I commonly find listings which have been Photoshopped so that the surfaces bear no resemblance to the actual materials and the overall picture looks like a vintage watercolor illustration.

I treat every listing as if I were trying to sell it as my own. The photos must look as beautiful, bright and perfect as possible. I re-model and sell houses myself, which allows me to share a seller’s perspective with an enhanced understanding of what a buyer wants.

Each picture needs to tell a story in which the viewer can place themselves as a character. My goal is to evoke an emotional response from the buyer: a feeling of happiness, belonging, warmth and light.

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